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        All of these earrings are handmade and reflect the frequently whimsical nature
    of the many human cat companions out there in the world. The earrings pictured
    are some examples of the type that are now available at the

    Peninsula Humane Society's
    Furchandise Store
    1450 Rollins Road, Burlingame, California

  All proceeds from sales at Furchandise are donated directly to the Peninsula Humane Society.

  I also have an Etsy shop with many updated animal related earring designs at:

         This and That

    The earring components:  all have surgical steel ear wires.  The other findings
    (end pins or eye pins) are mostly silver plated base metal.  Generally, no two beads are
    ever identical because of the nature of lampwork beads and hand crafted work, but
    I try very hard to match the beads as best I can.

    Enjoy browsing and thanks for stopping by!
Aqua Kitty
Beads are all pressed glass.
Measures approx. 1"
Black Kitty
Beads are crystal, fire polished
& pressed glass. Measures
approx. 1-1/2".
Tiger Boy
Cat beads are ceramic, The red
hearts are pressed glass and the
lavender ones are glass)  Measures
approx. 1-/12".
Man in the Moon
The red beads with the flower
are cloisonne. The others are
pressed glass and crystal.
Measures approx. 1-1/4"
Baby Tiger
Beads are pressed glass and
fire polished. Measures
approx. 1-3/4".
              Pretty Fish
The fish beads are cloisonne.  
The smaller beads are crystal.
Measures 1".   
                   Catnip Cuties

These are home made mini pillows filled with batting and Cosmic Catnip.  After I make
them, I keep them tightly wrapped in plastic bags until they go to their new homes.
These measure between 3 and 4 inches.  

These are available in the Furchandise shop.  The fabric designs are updated for each
holiday.  Current prices (as of 2/2016) are $2.00 per mini pillow.
Irish Hearts
Beads are pressed glass &
crystal.  Measure just under
Red Millefiori Hearts
Beads are glass & crystal.  
Approx. 3/4 "
Cloisonne Hearts/Black
These are cloisonne & crystal
beads.  Approx 3/4"
Peppermint Tree
Beads are lamp work,
pressed glass & crystal cut
glass.  Approx. 1-1/4"
Holiday Fish
Beads are cloisonne &
crystal.  Approx. 1"
Christmas Flower
Beads are lamp work and
crystal.  Approx. 3/4"
Pawprints on my Heart
Beads are pressed glass.  
Measures approx. 1".
 Roses in the Sky
Beautiful lampwork beads with
pressed glass mini beads.
Approx.  3/4"
      Kitty and Hearts  (alternate views)
Beads are pressed glass, lamp work
Millifiori and tiny pewter dragonfly beads.
Bookmark is 6".                                  
Tree with Flower bead
Beads are lamp work
and pressed glass.
Bookmark is 3".
Peppermint Tree
Beads are lamp
work & pressed
glass.  Bookmark is
Kitty Gone fishing          (alternate views)
Bookmark beads are all pressed glass.  
Bookmark is 6"            
Fantasy Bookmarks       Bookmarks are silver tone base metal. As with the
earrings, I can custom make these just for you. A limited number are available for
sale at the Peninsula Humane Society.
Shell Oval with Beads
Beads are glass and crystal.
Shells may vary slightly in
color and shape.  The center
bead comes in the following
color choice: ruby red, pale
lavender, crystal clear and
medium sapphire as shown
Shell Heart & Lady Bug
Beads are pressed glass
and a natural shell.  The
shell hearts may be
slightly different in shape
and there may be some
slight color variation.  
Approx. 1".   
Millifiori Coin Beads
The central bead is
Millifiori and comes in
various colors.  Please ask
for specific colors. Other
beads are cut glass.
Approx. 3/4"   
Millifiori Small Oval
Millifiori with crystal
beads.  Approx. 3/4"  
These can be guaranteed
as green background, but
some have more blue
flowers or orange ones.  
Please tell me your
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Below are some of the

Easter earrings

that went on sale in March 2016 at
PHS's Furchandise store.